There’s a long history of equine love on the Mornington Peninsula. Drive in any direction and you’ll come across trail riders, polo fields, private manors with exquisite training facilities and iconic pony clubs. For many people, riding in their chosen discipline is a life long passion.

Each horse is unique and every one has its own special personality. Just like humans, horses need a check up every now and then and the best way to care for them is to be familiar with their every day demeanor and understand their particular needs. This approach is critical when it comes to choosing the right Equine Vet. It can be said, without a shadow of doubt, that Mike and Lara from Tweedie & Associates are the epitome of two veterinary professionals who love their work and work their love every single day. They have their own horses – a show jumper called Gonzo and a very spoiled Welsh pony called Flirt – but they also have a genuine love of all horses and look after many on the Pen. We’re not joking when we say they know their patients idiosyncrasies first hand and their names without fail. What makes them different, is their ability to develop trusting relationships with horses and owners alike. It is this personal touch that creates comfort and security for all involved. Their interests include the management of the equine athlete, from riding club to dressage horse, dermatology, ophthalmology and geriatric care, but they’re just as happy conducting pre-purchase examinations, lameness examinations or dashing out in the car to deal with an emergency. We’re enamoured to have them on board and are inspired by their passionate and tireless work.













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