The Cups Estate

Planted in 1999, The Cups which takes its name from the early settler’s description of the natural ‘cups and saucers’ topography – the unique and undulating dunes that lend themselves to perfect winegrowing conditions and perfect golfing.

Paradigm Hill

A paradigm shift represents a change in thinking, the adoption of a new way of seeing the world, or even a new way of living. As you make your way down the spectacular, long driveway past Paradigm Hill’s lush, tangling vines, you get a visceral sense of the inspiration that drove George and Ruth Mihaly’s change in direction almost 15 years ago, their paradigm shift, when they established a winery on an old Merricks farm.

Peninsula Hot Springs

In 1997, after bathing in the thermal springs of Japan, Charles and Richard Davidson had a vision to bring the hot springs experience to Australia. After eight years of planning and with plenty of perseverance and determination, they opened the first stage of this multi stage development in 2005.

Jenny Riddle

Artist Jenny Riddle was drawn to the Mornington Peninsula by the potential for spiritual renewal and creative inspiration; a powerful combination that she found hard to ignore. That move, and her career as an artist, had been on her mind for some time, but were acted on after life-altering events that caused her to look closely at her life.