Essence Food for the Soul

When chef husband and wife team Jim and Melanie Houston got married at the Portsea Hotel, little did they know that 10 years later they would buy a business across the road from the Portsea Hotel and live in it with their three children for the best part of a year. That business is now known as Essence Food for the Soul. As chefs, life for Jim and Melanie was busy, particularly with three young children. The long hours took a strain, and they were ready to make a lifestyle change within the food industry. Sometimes everything falls into place and you find the ideal scenario, and this wholesale food business was perfect for the chef team. Essence Food for the Soul is all about the best quality produce made into delicious, heat and serve meals that help the time poor to eat well.

La dolce vita!

From the team that brings you Tully’s, welcome to DoppioZero or as we’d like to call it – la dolce vita! Aesthetic theme, close attention to detail and awesome uncomplicated delicious food; that’s the recipe for success we’ve seen so far from head chef Raffaele Lobosco and his team. DoppioZero is to the best of our knowledge a grand interpretation an authentic Italian experience - a place where people come to take a load off and to share classic Italian fare amongst friends and where the atmosphere is contagious.