For those in the know, La Boheme is a famous Puccini opera. The story is about modern life, a story we can all identify centred around a yearning for love, complicated relationships, heartbreak and, best of all, having aspirations.

The story centres around four poor struggling bohemians, a poet (Rodolfo), a painter, a musician, and a philosopher living together in Paris in the 1800s. One freezing Christmas Eve, their lives are changed when a poor seamstress named Mimi knocks on the door of the bohemian’s abode, looking for a helping hand.

A blistering love affair then ignites between Mimi and Rodolfo; however, it becomes clear that Mimi is desperately ill and that Rodolfo, in his poverty, cannot truly provide for her. Our heroines desperately try to find their way, but life’s harsh realities prevail.

In essence, La Boheme Maison, the stylish home-away-from-home we have come to admire in the heart of Red Hill South, is a juxtaposition of this tragedy. There are no harsh realities, complications, or heartbreak, at this place – far from it.

You come here to live a little, escape, relax – after all, life is short. La Boheme Maison is a haven centred around all that the region is becoming known for, and Red Hill South is at its epicentre.

Once here, you don’t need your car; you can walk anywhere – wineries, distilleries, breweries, cafes, restaurants. Walking tracks, and mountain biking, are a stone’s throw away, ocean or bay beaches a five-minute drive. Best of all, you are immersed in clean coastal and bushland air.

La Boheme Maison is classy, cosy and chic. It projects a sophisticated vibe championing romance, glamour, and elegance and has a natural outlook that defines the inside tone – this is not your typical Red Hill hideaway.

Put this place on your list if you’re looking for some RnR, adventure, romance or, best of all, somewhere to come to look for aspiration.

The French would say, Le bonheur n’est pas quelque chose de Pret a l’emploi. Il vient de vos propres actions. Translated it means, Happiness is not something that comes out of a box. it comes from your own actions.

C’est la vie!






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