Words truly can’t describe the Big Blue Backyard but if you’re after a laid back escape where you can hole up and do exactly as you please  – think Henry Miller – then follow this through. A true couples only retreat, BBB is nestled between the sand dunes and tea trees of St Andrews Beach and its magnificent rugged ocean.

Three very special villas have been fashioned over the years on an acre of pristine ocean front land by owners Lisa & Paul Dempsey – your consummate hosts and custodians of this magical space and place.

A feature of each villa is the indoor outdoor alfresco vibe – each include private sunbathing decks with sunken outdoor baths, driftwood salvaged from the Southern Ocean and fashioned into king beds, mirror frames and minibar cabinets; and barbecue decks for your own entertaining.

Big Blue Backyard is not a typical destination: the beaches here are rugged, and make a spectacular backdrop for this iconic retreat which is as distinctively ubiquitous as the tea trees, sand dunes, willdlife and ocean that surround it.

This is what makes it special and affords you total seclusion to enjoy your own private universe.


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