Since opening in 2008 – in Flinders and moving to larger premises in Balnarring – The Enchanted Child (TEC) reminds you why it’s great to support local stores like this.

A select few stores really take the crown, especially when it comes to providing that magic atmosphere you hope to experience in a toy store. Suppose you are looking for one of the best stores on the Mornington Peninsula, let alone Melbourne. In that case, TEC has a reputation for stocking an incredible number of items.

There is not an inch of wasted space, with selections of products forming their own kingdoms. As soon as you enter the door, kids will feel they have entered another world. They always have what you need, and owner-operator Julie Helpern and her staff offer genuinely warm and helpful service with tremendous insights.

Many from far and wide consider this place an essential stop or phone ahead to find presents for celebratory occasions. Soon, you will be able to curate your selection of gifts online). TEC carry beautifully curated selections of –

  • Organic baby clothes (Wilson & Frenchy, Nature Baby, Snuggle Hunny Kids, Halcyon Nights, Purebaby)
  • Baby wraps (Wraps & Blankets from Snuggle Hunny Kids, Halcyon Nights, Alimrose – the quality of the product is second to none, not to mention their fantastic imagery.)
  • Baby Gifts (Jellycat (#1 seller), OB Designs, Subo)
  • Toys (Djeco, Tiger Tribe, Lawrence King, Usborne) are craft activities with innovative designs and activities different from the mainstream. For example, Usborne sticker doll books are on-trend, at a great price point, and parents come back for more because the kids have fun and are engaged)
  • Soft toys (Bestselling Jellycat – soft, silky, cuddly)
  • Fabric dolls, puzzles, games, construction toys, books, craft activities, and wooden toys. In addition to this, The Enchanted Child also carries beautifully made educational toys that really stand the test of time.
  • Books. What a fascinating book section! Kids will be captivated by the selection that aims to educate kids on the world around them; the books here are invaluable.

It’s also good to know that The Enchanted Child is known for its stock of craft activities and puzzles. Many holidaymakers come down to the region for a holiday. They come in for things for the kids to do when the weather is not ideal for outdoor activities, or so they can use it when they dine out. It’s an excellent go-to for burnt-out parents who need to keep their active kids occupied.

In finishing, this store is fantastic for great gifts outside the norm – games, activities and thoughtful presents bound to get kids off those dreaded devices. After all, kids will have plenty of time for devices throughout their adult lives, but you are only a child for as long as you are allowed to be.


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