Josie Achermann of Red Hill House has been working overtime these past few months intending to entice her loyal clientele back to her shop, to make them feel comfortable to shop again, ‘in person rather than online. We know that the demand for ‘real life’ experiences are about to explode, and Josie is backing her instinct on that same ambition – the ability to walk into a store to feast on its wares visually.

In our new world, shoppers are looking for businesses to combine social safety with the ongoing trend of creating a retail space with a sense of place and purpose. Nowhere is this more evident than at Red Hill House in Red Hill South, a local favourite where the creativity and vision of owner Josie have done it again.

This well-loved store has grown by 400% over the lockdown period via the old Blue Moon Hardware Store expansion to form a perfect place where homeware, lifestyle, and regional charm combine to make a genuinely enlightening shopping experience.

This chic store in Red Hill South plays to the region’s rural history, freshly stocking wares from various local and imported makers along with some house-made gems. Expect all the old favourites, vintage pieces, baskets, pots, finely crafted clothing, home accessories, and tableware that invoke a simple life. Come here to find a housewarming gift or splash out on yourself on a particular item, like the chic American oak furniture or other like-minded quality accessories to decorate a special room in your home. If you are struggling for a cohesive decorating approach, a design consultant can be booked in advance and to be on hand or visit you at the comfort of your own abode.

In our new world of post COVID ideals, retailers are introducing more individualised experiences and striving to make the in-person physical experience stand out and feel good. Josie has taken RHH to this level whilst primarily keeping her customer’s vibe, safety and personal space top of mind. Come on down, breathe in the fresh country air, respect the location’s surroundings, get connected to nature.

In the meantime, you can also combine other charming experiences, including a visit to one or more of the region leading cafes, vineyards, cellar doors, breweries, and distilleries. The bonus is that they are within a stone’s throw of Josie’s Red Hill House.



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