The Diaco’s Garden Nursery story began in 1949 when Antonio Diaco moved to Australia with his wife, four children, and a strong set of morals and values established while working in the fields of Southern Italy: Work Hard, Be Honest, Achieve.

This motto remains the foundation of their family to this day, passed on from father, to son, to grandson and beyond and the foundation of this wonderful local Pen garden nursery in Mornington at Tully’s Corner. We love visiting because Diaco’s staff have the time and the passion to chat with you, to offer valuable, practical advice for our gardening needs. Their team lives and breathes plants and gardening is their passion – their is no faking it here. Spring is a time of miraculous transformation in the garden. Once the soil gets warm enough everything begins to go gang busters and things can get out of hand quite easily. Take your garden back this spring, arm yourself with all that you need to clean away the winter wreckage and start fresh. What more could you wish for: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture your garden is to feed your body and soul.











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