Not all cooking classes are the same. As a fiery and passionate Sicilian Chef, Carmela D’Amore is a strong believer that food and family are the essence of life.

Essential to this philosophy is over 40 years of experience as a chef and mother and knowing how to prepare a meal without breaking the family budget. Cooking with Carmella is equally about taking a hands on journey through her Sicilian culture as it is about sharing recipes that have been created and crafted by her family over many generations. You’ll learn how to prepare food, you’ll become a better and more efficient cook, you’ll share secrets and recipes from centuries past, you’ll dive into a Sicilian cultural food experience and have a laugh over a glass of wine. What makes this cooking class different is Carmela’s ability to help you find direction, purpose, clarity, love and healing through cooking. Healthy food fuels the body, creates better thinking, improves your health and above all else has the potential to bring families together and create memories that last a lifetime.







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