Introducing Laneway Espresso (formerly our readers would know it as Felix) in the heart of Dromana right opposite the beach, making it the perfect spot for an early summer swim followed by a long lazy breakfast or lunch.

This time of year, Dromana is a land of Bro’s, babe’s, bustling bay walks and beach-bods – whilst we can’t protect you from the sun we can lead you to a promised land of endless artisanal coffee, decadent pastries and a glorious banquet of all you could fancy at the Laneway. The first thing you notice when you enter from the laneway is the welcome matt, it just like home and just the way Jim, his mum Chris and dad Bill would love you to enter. The menu is your prototypical new age cuisine with some crowd pleasing twist. Their deserts are second to none anywhere in Melbourne let alone the Pen, their BLT burgers would make a trade beg but most importantly all the food is baked daily using fresh produce in-house. We love Dromana, it is going through a metamorphosis because there are people just like Jim and his family with a deep rooted background with a passion to serve that have taken notice of this part of the world and are prepared to change it’s perceptions through their handiwork. At Laneway they have provided the neighbourhood with a legit inner-urban-café and marry that to a Peninsula paced environment. Laneway pretty much gives you everything you could possibly come wanting that will appease just about everyone and thankfully it’s large enough to allow all over this busy summer period to enjoy it. Laneway Espresso is a not so hidden little treasure these days, where the ‘city meets the beach’ and we love that it has joined dour community.








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