Many artisan cheesemakers are family-run operations. Red Hill Cheese is no exception, specialising in cow, goat and sheep cheese that has been handcrafting unique cheeses for almost 18 years.

There are now two families that own Red Hill Cheese and they are led by Jules Trebilcock and Belinda O’Neil who purchased the business mid-2018.

After significant renovations to the site, they have now opened their doors to the public and will continue to provide their award-winning cheeses that have made Red Hill Cheese famous. Look out for a fresh new look, more in line with the contemporary transformation of the brand and in keeping with the ambitions of the two families, hence the branch and two leaves on the packaging.

Part of the allure of visiting Red Hill Cheese is that it’s down a quiet country road, surrounded by a majestic natural environment in the forest. From the tasting room and deck, you can discover the different styles from the Cheese-maker’s selection of premium cheeses.

From our perspective this is a tasting experience where visitors often return to discover new seasonal, artisan cheeses.

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