In the case of Lorida Greek Taverna, all that glitters is gold. Main Street Mornington – one of the Pen’s most lively eat streets – has come alive with this new edition to the food and bar scene.

Once inside this bona fide Greek kitchen, you’ll find that Lorida offers a taste of Greek with a menu that changes according to the seasons and the chef’s creative imagination. The food is artful and packed with exquisite flavours and at the heart of this new venue is the eternal Jacqui Poulier who is also responsible for the very successful Alatonero in McCrae. The intimate yet glamorous tavern is designed with alfresco drinks and dining in mind – very much indoor or outdoor seating with prime main street aspects encouraging patrons to chat or partake in that favourite European pastime – people watching. From our perspective, Lorida will become revered for its innovative and playful cuisine that draws on Greek tradition and its upscale wine bar experience that exudes elegance and sophistication – a meeting place at the heart of Mornington’s crossroads. 



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