Welcome to Jack’s Canteen – the laid-back, heart-warming extension of Jack Frost Restaurant, Hotham. It is now making its summer home at the renowned Red Hill Brewery in Red Hill South. Here, they’re all about honest-to-goodness bar food that perfectly complements the refined brews of the Brewery.

The Jack’s Canteen menu is a cheerful nod to bar cuisine’s simple yet satisfying essence – it’s where ‘Casual Meets Craft’. Each dish is thoughtfully designed to pair with the sophisticated flavours of Red Hill Brewery’s craft beers. From their “Let it Rip” beer-battered Flathead Tacos to the hearty Jalepenjo Cheddar smoked Bratwurst, their culinary offerings are a testament to the joy of good food and great beer.

An Indoor-Outdoor Haven

The crown jewel at the Red Hill Brewery is the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re lounging on their rustic alfresco deck, nestled in the garden, or finding shade under a gum tree, Jack’s Canteen offers an immersive experience with nature. The northwest-facing outdoor lawn is a vibrant space where the fresh maritime air mingles with the laughter and chatter of patrons, creating an atmosphere of relaxed, communal joy. Don’t be surprised if the horses next door come looking for some love and attention.

Like Hotham’s Davenport Village, the unique aspect of this location promises a memorable experience. With the sun dipping behind the gum trees, the space transforms into a serene haven, where the twilight hours are savoured with cool musical vibes, a beer in hand and the comfort of good company.

The people behind the business are the people that make the vibe.  

Some of you might already know, Sarah, Lisa, and Sean. The people at the heart of Jack’s Canteen. They’re the friendly faces that welcome and serve you. If you know them from Hotham, come up to Red Hill South and say hello.

Your Go-To Spot for a Brew and a Bite

Their regular hours are 11am to 7 pm, Thursday to Sunday, plus extra fun events on public holiday weekends and through the summer holidays and not to forget Happy Hour Fridays.

Happy Hour – 4-6pm on Thursday and Friday.
$1 Wings, $12 Spritzes, and $5 pots / $10 pints of a rotating Beer.

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