The 2MacsFarm is a lifelong dream that showcases the shared interests of Mary McCarthy & Bill McNamara; a special place full of heart that combines their professional backgrounds of farming, building, food manufacturing, catering and teaching with their lifelong interests of organic food production, sustainability, healthy living & hospitality.

2Macs is quite unique on the Mornington Peninsula and ahead of the curve for something so close to Melbourne; a sophisticated experiential project that is encapsulated in a small acreage working farm that offers a traditional farmgate – a free range hen facility second to none, a honey facility & artisanal sourdough bread – an organic market garden, a sublime Harvest Kitchen cooking school. To top it all off you can stay on the farm at the Harvest House –  a seriously inviting renovation of the original farmhouse. Their journey has only just begun and we are truly inspired by their commitment, bounty & an endless energy to burn.








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