This summer, Avani Winery’s Cellar Door transforms into an epicurean delight with the launch of the SAADI Pop-Up Restaurant, running from 26th to 31st December. The creative force behind this gastronomic adventure is the husband-and-wife duo, Saavni Krishnan, and Aditya Suresh, known collectively as SAADI.

Saavni’s roots stretch from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the diverse cultures of Punjab and Tamil Nadu, while Aditya’s childhood meandered through various Indian states, thanks to his father’s transient work. This rich tapestry of regional influences forms the backbone of SAADI’s culinary philosophy.

Having moved to Australia, Saavni in 2016 and Aditya in 2013, they bring a fusion of traditional Indian cuisine and contemporary cooking techniques to the Avani’s Pop-Up Series on the Mornington Peninsula.

At the heart of SAADI’s ethos is the belief that food is a celebration, a sentiment ingrained from their family traditions. Each menu item is a nod to their heritage, meticulously curated and showcasing the authentic and simple flavours of India. Their culinary prowess has not gone unnoticed, with both chefs being finalists in the Victorian Good Food Guide Young Chef of the Year 2023.

Saavni’s journey through the kitchens of Manzé in North Melbourne and Etta in Brunswick East and alongside stars like Rosheen Kaul, has honed her skill in elevating humble ingredients into culinary masterpieces. Aditya’s experience in esteemed establishments like Neighbourhood Wine and Mimi’s reflects his penchant for simple, well-executed dishes that resonate with diners.

Together, they aim to unravel the diversity of Indian cuisine, emphasising seasonal cooking and underappreciated ingredients. Their vision is to bring to the fore the depth and variety inherent in Indian food, a journey we at Love the Pen eagerly anticipate.

With SAADI, expect more than a meal; prepare for a sensory expedition that celebrates the flavours they grew up with, perfectly paired with Avani’s exquisite wines.  Join us at Avani Winery this summer for a unique culinary experience where SAADI’s kitchen artistry meets the Singh family’s winemaking legacy, promising an unforgettable fusion of tastes and cultures.

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