Let’s ‘PAWS’ for a moment – sorry, we can’t help it! Something on our radar is way too important to let go.

‘Paws-a-Palooza’ will be where canines, cocktails, and cuddles will collide. Mark your calendars for January 27th! Bass & Flinders Distillery, Dromana is throwing a shindig that’s bound to have more tail wags than a conga line at a dog park.

But wait, there’s more! Food trucks? Check. Live music? Absolutely. Someone raided the dream journal of every dog-loving, gin-sipping, music-appreciating human on earth to create this unique event. Who cares whose idea this is? It’s brilliant.

Imagine the cocktails? Beagle’s Bramble: a twist on the classic Bramble, perfect for those who enjoy a sniff around the garden. Greyhound Martini: sleek and sophisticated, just like its namesake, with a dash of grey elegance. Dachshund’s Negroni: Long on taste and style, this one’s a stretch from the traditional Negroni. Labrador’s Gimlet: Loyal to the original Gimlet recipe, with a friendly and approachable twist. Bulldog Fizz: A stout, no-nonsense version of the classic Gin Fizz with a bit of a bite. Poodle Pink Lady: Elegant and fluffy, this one’s as posh as its poodle counterpart. We could go on but we’ll save some for the day.

And let’s not forget – this is a celebration of the special bond between dogs and humans. They’re just happy to be out of the house and not wearing that ridiculous sweater you love so much. So, leash up your four-legged friend and join us at Bass and Flinders in Dromana for a day where the gins are botanical, and the dogs are more than dogs (because we know they are to you).

For more info, click on our bio; otherwise, we’ll see you there.

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