Everywhen Artspace Online Exhibition –

Two senior artists Yurpiya Lionel and Atipalku Intjalki are joined by talented emerging artist Tjulyata Kulyuru in an exhibition of works from the APY Lands’ Ernabella Arts. Established in 1948, Ernabella Arts is the oldest established Aboriginal art centre in Australia. Aboriginal-owned and run, the inimitable artistic reputation of Ernabella Arts lies in the adaptability and innovation of the artists who have worked in many different mediums for more than 70 years.

Yurpiya Lionel and Atipalku Intjalki have worked with Ernabella Arts for several decades and have established highly regarded art practices. The fluid geometric work of the younger Tjulyata Kulyuru continues their tradition with distinctive style. The three ladies are also joined by other women Ernabella artists Elizabeth Dunn, Katrina Tjitayi, Langkaliki Lewis, Michelle Lewis, Tjariya Stanley, Tjunkaya Tapaya OAM and Unurupa Nami Kulyuru.

The exhibition is presented online, but also easily viewed through Everywhen Artspace’s windows. Everywhen Artspace delivers Australia-wide and internationally and click and collect is available for purchases (subject to restrictions.)

You are most welcome to make an appointment for Covid-safe viewings on reopening, by contacting Susan at Everywhen Artspace on 0419 896 473.

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