FERMENT THE SEASON: A vegetable fermenting workshop

In our hands on workshop our resident fermentation expert, Siyao Zhang, will be teaching the art of fermenting vegetables for maximum flavour and gut health!

We will start with a short meditation to bring all into a peaceful cooking mood. Then Siyao will take you through all the steps to create delicious and nutritious fermented vegetables, including sterilisation techniques, tenderization, brines, seasonings and how to care for the ferments.


Participants will get their own fermentation kit (jar and weight), fermented vegetables to take home, fermentation notes, and a morning of fun!

You will need to bring a chopping board, knife, rolling pin, and apron (don’t worry we will email you all the details once you sign up for the workshop)

You will also enjoy exclusive 10% discount for fresh produce on the workshop day, and be part of our exclusive Facebook community who are fermenting, growing, and caring for the Earth.

ABOUT SIYAO: Having grown up in northeast China in a town bordering Korea, Siyao spent her childhood helping her family ferment vegetables to get through the long, cold winters. Family recipes included her mother’s kimchi, her grandmother and aunts’ miso and fermenting all manner of vegetables from cabbage to kohlrabi.

Siyao is a qualified engineer, but her love for permaculture, meditation, growing her own food (and fermenting it) along with her Australian husband have brought her to living in Red Hill and joining the Torello Farm team!

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