The King Valley is undoubtedly a fine wine-growing region and home of ‘Vignerons’ Jeremy ‘Jer’ Schmölzer (architect) & Tessa Brown (winemaker).

Over the past decade, they have fallen in love, started a family, and become first-generation grape growers. They continue to excel from 18 hectares of prime land, encompassing a lake, extraordinary views, and an abandoned gold mine. Best described as a ‘once in a lifetime” property, it is a fertile, high-altitude vineyard best know as ‘Thornley’ and just outside of Beechworth. Their combined skills and experience have led them to make a splash in the industry, turning a deep passion into a remarkable, impressive, visionary wine project.

The couple is hands-on and values hard work and an eye for detail, meticulousness, and exacting. Nothing is left to chance, even their state-of-the-art vineyard, and, at a later point, their cellar door is from deep within their imaginations. Like all masterpieces, it’s how it looks and feels for this talented duo; it’s organic and takes time.

It is no surprise that the buzz around this husband and wife team is palpable, and the praise is high. They will be at the forefront of the Regional Australian wine industry for many years. Tessa’s respect as a winemaker and viticulturist is well earned. A degree from CSU in viticulture, postgraduate winemaking studies at Adelaide Uni, and then hard yards and grit meandered through some of the southern hemispheres’ greats regions and labels. Think Orange, Canberra, SA, Rioja, Strathbogie Ranges and Central Otago before joining Kooyong and Port Phillip Estate in ’08 in our beloved Mornington Peninsula.

From a wine lover’s perspective, it’s one of the better value wines today. VS&B make easy-drinking wines that deliver bang for the buck yet are uncompromising and outstanding wines that are heralded for a good reason. Tessa and Jer are a couple on the move, and their wines and time are in high demand.

Come enjoy dinner, wine and a pleasant conversation to learn more about this dynamic duo’s journey and future. Hear first-hand why VS&B the brand values sustainable and organic viticulture. Learn about their plans to integrate a mix of crops, trees and plants to optimise carbon sequestration and soil microbiology, as well as develop the ecosystem and biodiversity on the farm.

The Dining Room at Lancemore Lindenderry in Red Hill will host this exclusive one-off event. For those who haven’t had a chance to experience The Dining Room, think of it as a standout regional dining experience designed by the team at Hecker Guthrie. The most remarkable thing about this place is its brooding dark walls, artwork, floor-to-ceiling windows inviting the outside in and the curved-back chairs, all aiding in a cosy vibe and ignited by the open fire.

Indulge on a seasonally inspired seven-course tasting menu, curated by award-winning Executive Chef Diego Cossio, and accompanied by the exceptional wines of Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown.

Join us on Saturday 9th July 2022 @ 6:30pm. If it will be anything like the Tattinger evening held back in April, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better food and wine experience in Melbourne that weekend.

Where: The Dining Room, Lancemore Lindenderry, 142 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill VIC 3937

Price: $317 per person (Bookings are essential)

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