Frankston’s ever evolving street art has steadily developed over the years to offer the public the opportunity to view some of the world’s most celebrated street artists and their works.

This dedication to framing Frankston’s street art culture shows an understanding of how art can shape where we live and how we experience the world around us.

Frankston already boasts 40 unique artworks, and after this week, the collection will surpass 50 and why Frankston is the worthy 2021 National Street Art Tour Award winner (Australian Street Art Awards).

The festival is an art-driven cultural and educational centrepiece showcasing contemporary and emerging street art from art creators worldwide. Street artists will be on hand, including 23rd Key, Adnate, Baxter, Benjamin Knock, Bond Truluv, Dvate, Ling, Melanie Caple, Morano, Refuz, VTO, Zedr, Scott Nagy & Krimsone. The festival is known for massive scale artworks and immersive educational experiences that show an understanding of how art can shape where we live and how we experience the world around us.

From Monday, March 14, until Sunday, March 20, you can watch the artists create their pieces. You may have heard of Frankston’s weekly Street Art Walking Tours – this link? winning GOLD in the Australian Street Art Awards for Best Street Art Tour – but during the festival they get a little deeper. The free 90-minute tours across the festival week are led by local guides who will take you on a journey to discover all of the city’s best street art – both existing artwork and the ones in progress. You will get to see first-hand how the artworks are created, learn about the mode of application, gain an insight into the stories behind the artistic inspirations, and you may even get to have a chat to an artist or capture a memorable photo.

On the Friday night, Thompson Lane will be taken over by street artists, live music, drinks and food trucks for The Block Party. The celebration of the festival, this is not to be missed. Big Picture Fest curator Joel Van Moore is particularly excited for the festival. “This year feels like such an achievement with a critical mass of walls achieved, which has ongoing effects in the community,” Joel said. “It’s time to celebrate and move into the next chapter of the festival with augmented reality and other technologies that enhance the experience even further.” Check out the full list of artists and their bios here.  It is easy to see why Frankston is starting to be recognised as one of Greater Melbourne’s must-see street art destinations. The city centre has been truly transformed into an eclectic mix of art, culture, retail and hospitality. The creative energy in the city beckons everyone to come and join the celebration.

Date: Monday 14 March – Sunday 20 March 2022
Location: Various Streets and Laneways in Frankston’s city centre
Cost: As mentioned, it’s a FREE BLOCK PARTY, and there are FREE WALKING TOURS that run in 90 minutes intervals between Friday until Sunday. You do need to register; its free, it’s ticketed and it will book out.

Download: Map of locations of existing and new artwork here: The Big Picture Fest Map

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