Experience Aboriginal art in a new way with our unique Art Parade of 70+ vibrant paintings, barks, ceramics & carvings from around Australia that opens our Summer Salon exhibition on January 16 at 2.30 pm.

Part art lecture, part theatrical event the Parade features works from 20+ leading art centres paraded for viewing while informative commentary is given by art authority Susan McCulloch OAM. (Seating limited & bookings essential)

The exhibition features outstanding works by leading artists and rising stars from the Central, Western & Eastern Deserts, Utopia, the APY Lands, the Kimberley, the Pilbara, Arnhem Land and the Mornington Peninsula.

Artists represented include Barbara Weir, Charmaine Pwerle (Utopia), Rita Cithara Beasley, Daisy Moss (Ampilatwatja), Keith & Tjpampawa Stevens, Anyupa Stevens, Maringka Baker, Tuppy Goodwin, Robert Fielding, David Miller, Vicki Cullinan, Barbara Moore (APY Lands), Freddie Timms, Claude Carter (the Kimberley), Yalmakany Marawili, John Mawurndjul (Arnhem Land), Tjunkiya Napaltjarri, Joseph Jurrra, Walala Tjapaltarri (Papunya), Robert Kelly (Mornington Peninsula), Nora Wompi, Bugai Whyoulter (the Pilbara) and many more!

Art Parade: Saturday 16 January at 2.30 pm.
Exhibition open Sunday 17 January + Saturday 23rd – Tuesday 26th January

1. Anyupa-MM1419 2. Barbara-Moore 3. Bugai-Whyoulter 4. Chloe-Morton 8. Robert-Kelly,-'Baldry's-Crossing',-729-15-copy 9. Art-Parade at Whistlewood copy

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