Vulcano Gelato in Rye has a deep connection to the Ritrovo Remigio’ – a café established in 1960 on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Vulcano located off the coast of Sicily, Italy.

It was here at Ritrovo Remigio that the secret base recipe of gelato served in Vulcano Gelato was inspired and cultivated. In 2008, Vulcano Gelato opened in Rye with the single hearted aim of improving the quality and taste of the universally loved authentic Italian gelato and granita. From our perspective, gelato is the prefect buffer; there’s such an emotional response when you even think of it & when you combine it with the Rye Pier, bay beach & carnival it becomes a powerful combination. We love gelato & we love Vulcano Gelato, we love Rye & we love that they’re all on the Peninsula.


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