Springtime visitors to Main Ridge Dairy take note! Goats are kidding and all the new kids are in the paddock in front of the Cheesery – it’s here you’ll have a birds eye view of the frolicking. Whilst you’re doing that, why not enjoy a fresh coffee and treat or taste award winning cheese products made with love on site with a glass of locally produced wine.

You can do this from the deck where you can also take in the beautiful serene views. With Spring comes new season milk which is fresh, rich and the source of their cheese. Lots of milk is good this time of year cause it means they stock up on the hard cheeses they ran out of over winter. Since setting up the farm, Bess & Damien Noxon, have sustainably managed the property’s environmental value by fencing all areas of remnant vegetation and creeks, and planting more than 6000 indigenous plants in shelter belts – providing bush corridors linking these areas. The property is registered under the Land for Wildlife Scheme and their land management efforts have seen them win awards.



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