Ah, Sangria! With Spring and Summer around the corner, we’d thought a story on Sangria is appropriate. In fact, we’ve had it many a time and always wondered, who, what and where was behind it.

The enchanting elixir has tickled taste buds and turned gatherings into fiestas for generations. Picture this: a warm summer day in Spain, on the Mornington Peninsula, the sun kissing your skin, and a glass of vibrant red Sangria in hand. But what exactly is in this concoction of joy? Buckle up, as we embark on a journey through Sangria’s history, flavours, and frivolities but from our friends Spanish Nook, in Mornington, Tio Tapas.

Legend has it that Sangria was born when a Spanish bartender decided to throw a wild party but realized he had run out of regular wine. Determined not to let the party spirits dwindle, he mixed whatever he could find in the tavern: a splash of wine, a dash of brandy, a sprinkle of fruit, and voilà! Sangria was born, and the rest it is said, is history.

Now, let’s stop for a minute and talk about ingredients, after all, we are in the best region in the world with world class ingredients. Sangria is like a summer orchestra of flavours and colours, with wine as its conductor. The main act? Red wine, preferably from the Pen, fruity is the cue. Then comes the brandy, the liquid courage that gets even the shyest dancers grooving. Well, we don’t like whatever, we like quality and, in our case, we’ve mixed Peninsula Wine with Australia’s best brandy, Bass & Flinders, Noble Stranger Brandy (and recently awarded Gold Medal at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023) Finally we toss in the orange juice – a nod to Vitamin C enthusiasts who believe that you make Sangria if life gives you oranges.

But what’s a party without a bit of fruit? It’s like a tropical paradise decided to dip in your glass. Oranges, lemons, limes, and apples dive in, creating a symphony of sweet and tangy notes. And don’t forget the grand finale: a splash of soda water to give your Sangria its bubbly personality. It’s like the effervescent gossip of the party, always keeping the conversation lively.

“Why is Sangria so loved?” you ask. Well, aside from its flirtatious taste, it’s the embodiment of Spanish spirit. Like Spanish culture, like our culture on the Pen, Sangria is about coming together, sharing stories, and making memories. It’s a drink that’s as humble as a tapas bar and as welcoming as an old friend’s embrace. It’s no wonder it’s a staple at every Spanish celebration, from weddings to bull runs (though I wouldn’t recommend trying to run with a glass of Sangria in hand) and also at Tio Tapas and on occasion Bass & Flinders.

As for when to enjoy Sangria, the answer is simple: whenever the sun is shining, and your heart is light. It’s the perfect companion for lazy afternoons on the patio, beach picnics, and rooftop soirées. Just imagine taking a sip, closing your eyes, and feeling the Spanish sun on your face – a virtual vacation in a glass.

But a word of caution, dear friends. Sangria might be a friendly and inviting drink, but it’s not to be underestimated. It’s a bit like a matador – charming and graceful, yet with a hidden power that can catch you off guard. It’s easy to lose track of how many glasses you’ve had, especially when the laughter is flowing faster than the wine. So, enjoy responsibly, and remember that Sangria is best enjoyed in moderation unless you want to be the star of your own flamenco show, in your own mind, by the end of the night.

So, there it is, the compelling tale of Sangria – a drink that’s a fiesta in a glass, a taste of our zest for life. Raise your Sangria-filled glass high, toast to adventure, and remember the wise words: never take yourself too seriously because we’re all here to sip, savour, and share a laugh. Three cheers. To Sangria, the true spirit of Spain, in every sip! Cheers to Tio Tapas in Mornington, for bringing Spain to the Mornington Peninsula and cheers to Bass and Flinders Distillery, for making one of the best Brandy’s in the world! (We’d call it Cognac but that wouldn’t do it justice 🙂

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