The Cri de Coeur Pinot Noir represents the pinnacle of Crittenden Estate’s winemaking and something the family is very proud of. The story behind Cri de Coeur says a lot about the formidable force the two generations of Crittendens represent in Australian wine.

Two years ago the opening of the Crittenden Wine Centre also broke new ground by seating visitors at tables and serving wines in themed “flights” to illustrate common stylistic, varietal and geographic threads. It is here – at the Wine Centre –  you can learn more about the Cri de Coeur but more importantly go on a journey through the entire Crittenden Estate wine range. It’s a place that inspires and motivates us to visit as it deeply connects the passionate work of the family to the end product. You will experience this in all of it’s entirety – from their history, to sustainable farming methods, to the making of each vintage, to the overall class of their design ethic that is entrenched in the Wine Centre and each and every bottle of wine.  The Crittenden Wine centre is a sophisticated place where time stands still and there’s no need to rush – it’s unique in this region because you can sit at your own table (not stand at a bar) and admire the gorgeous view over the lake & lawns.





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