For our friends at Montalto, Spring is the time is when the ground begins to warm, a time to appreciate the first tender flower buds and new leaf shoots signifying nature’s awakening from its winter slumber.

Spring at Montalto is definitely a time where things comes to life and their imagination runs wild – their first plants, the most delicate shoots carrying the most subtly verdant flavours of the year, are rapidly springing up and their chefs capture and turn them into something quite delectable. When we think of Montalto this time of year we think of a sophisticated menu built around their garden, we think of their cured olives and succulent lamb and their summer wines that are ready for tasting. October through to December signifies the start of many activities at Montalto including the Spring Awakening Festival and (the third Friday of Oct & Nov) when the Wheeler Centre brings the best Australian writing to Montalto – a chance to share in books and ideas and perfect for lovers of fine writing, good conversation and great wine.






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