There’s no such thing as a perfect haircut which brings us to the Pitchingga Ridge Alpacas in Red Hill. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Alpaca note that they are very intelligent, can be comical at time and are very curious animals, relate well to people and are quick to learn so can make excellent pets. The male adults are called Machos, the female adults are called Hembras and the young Cria. Pitchingga Ridge have three types, Black Huacaya, Black Suri and White Suri.

Our story today revolves around the Alpaca fleece as it’s shearing time of year. Alpacas are shorn once a year starting in October and their nails are trimmed at the same time. The animals are gently sheared on both sides without shedding a single tear or voicing a complaint, then released into the paddock. The luxurious fleece has rare qualities of softness, silkiness, is lightweight and provides durable thermal attributes and because of this is sought after by the Italian and French fashion houses to make their premium woollen garments.












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