Simply put The Gorgelicious Store has been one of Red Hills most consistent performers since it opened in July, 2014. We’ve been popping in ever since and it’s never been anything but delicious – not even once.

It’s one of those classic spots that lives blissfully in the Red Hill hinterland, cranking out great food on a daily basis while flying under the radar.  To say that they serve delicious food in a comfortable, rustic space perfect for anything from a quick solo meal to a lunch meeting is an understatement. There is no bad time to visit and it’s nearly always busy starting from breakfast then moving seamlessly into lunch. The Gorgelicious Store is ideal for playgroup catch up – in fact it’s one of their aces – with a kids nook filled with toys to keep younger ones entertained and a beautiful big outdoor garden to keep older kids at bay. There’s also a wonderful array of gifts, books, homewares and garden art to choose from that are very thoughtful, heartfelt & central to Ria Orlando’s philosophy – wish it, dream it, do it!




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