Summer is the buzz of the alfresco scene in Red Hill or the scrumptious aromas wafting over the vines from neighbouring properties. Summer is the scent of gums on the Merricks Trail, the smell of wildflowers on surrounding farms or the summer breeze touching your face whilst your bathing in the glow of afternoons sunlight.

This time of year our senses are in overdrive with the excitement of festivities, with our friends from Melbourne hopping in more often and sharing in the goodwill of the local community. This is what summer means to Red Hill House (RHH). From a retail perspective it’s quality over quantity – not buying to trend, but trusting classic quality materials, & delivering top notch personal service. RHH likes to source nice things with meaning, quality and purpose. From locally sourced recycled timber pieces, to Red Hill House pottery that is as durable as it is beautiful. The beauty of RHH is you can find amazing customised gifts like inexpensive timber spoons to locally made quoite sets and the ever popular Turkish towel in a wide range of colours and stripes. Escape the mundane of the mass malls and pop into the classic casualness of RHH.

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