Olieve & Olie
7/16-18 Henry Wilson Dr, Rosebud West VIC 3940
Phone: (03) 5982 0992

It’s the caring people that change the world – the ones that want to improve things. Jude and Sarah are the people we’re talking about – the driving force behind Olieve & Olie, a hand made soap and olive oil skin care range originally started in their studio in St. Andrews Beach and now located at a purpose built production facility in the heart of Rosebud West.

Olieve & Olie is their brand and they produce the very best quality soap products from beautiful Australian grown olive oil – measured, mixed, poured, bottled, labelled, packed and sent all by hand. Olieve & Olie’s products are completely free from artificial additives and preservatives. They only use natural ingredients, so no single batch is the same. Depending on the time of year the beeswax might be stronger smelling, a different colour or density. The olive oil and other essential oils vary from harvest to harvest and these characteristics flow into their products, in the way they look, smell and feel. There is an art to what they do; as much as there is science and they constantly tweak their recipes to accommodate the changing seasons just as we do and summer is no exception. Jude also runs soap making workshops, an experience worthy of your time as it opens your eyes to an ancient practice.

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