Volpino was created by three Mornington Peninsula mates with the ambition to create a destination which is more than just a place to eat. The owners know their stuff from food to wine, pairing and sharing and above all slick service – even in the heat and intensity of summer.

The most important thing to them is communicating with their customers, getting to know them and what they like. This is why it’s one of our favourites. Volpino is a Mediterranean inspired restaurant that’s very casual and friendly. David is widely travelled, and has spent lengthy periods in Northern Italy with his Italian partner, Marta – learning about the local cuisine from her family. David’s younger brother, Simon was a school teacher and a hobby farmer. His great love is rock-climbing, so don’t be surprised to see him suspended from the ceiling during a quiet moment in the restaurant. Chef, Nathan, did much of his early training at famed eatery Italy 1 before he decided on a sea change and headed down to the Peninsula. Volpino is a great venue for an afternoon drink and pizza, a family gathering or a romantic dinner for two. Extensive outdoor seating, coupled with an exceptional hand–picked wine and beer list, ensure that seats in summer at Volpino are at a premium.



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