Welcome to Georgie Bass, the latest food experience in the heart of Flinders that combines a café & cookery. Inspiration for the name comes from George Bass, the legendary sailor who accompanied his good friend Matthew Flinders when they were charting Bass Strait to Tasmania. Just like George Bass the team at the Flinders Hotel are setting sail on a new culinary adventure and it has a lot going for it.

A perfect corner location in Flinders, with ample alfresco and indoor space, a sleek interior that feels homely and the promise of whole food that is fresh, local and seasonal. They have handpicked the best regional farmers, dairies, orchards and wineries to help them plate up with simple, delicious food. The most interesting aspect of Georgie Bass and one that clearly defines its regional focus is their hands-on cooking school. They’re running a series of cooking classes led by their industry leading chefs and a special partnership with Miele where part of the cooking experience includes getting hands on an incredible range of Miele’s superior appliances. This brings us to the last, most important point about Georgie Bass: the intangibles. This is the kind of place where you can kick back have a break with your best friend or spend an afternoon cooking with a group of friends and family. It’s unpretentious yet classy and for us, as exciting as a Bass and Flinders exploration.






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