The Red Hill Lavender Farm & Distillery produces a small variety of exceptional & effective products containing only pure essential oils – it’ a dream come true for Kylie and Brad Crump and their daughters. Inspired by the beauty of Provence, they hand-planted fields of lavender.

Drawing on backgrounds in clinical research & agriculture, Kylie and Brad have implemented a traditional & natural process of growing, harvesting & distilling the lavender. The five acre lavender crop was sown by hand, is weeded by hand & harvested by hand. No chemicals are used on the plants so the end product is in its purest form. Their products use high concentrations of natural, essential & plant oils. Their hand wash, soaps and creams are gentle, soothing and luxurious. Their honey, tea & culinary lavender are subtle & delicious.

The farmhouse is divine; a beautiful home where you can relax & is available for holiday rental.



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