Manyung Gallery
Sorrento          113 & 119 Ocean Beach Road
Mount Eliza     60 Mount Eliza Way
Mornington     8/35 Progress Street (by appointment)

Art is a way of life for gallery directors Sharyn and David Wemyss-Smith. It’s their day long joy, obsession & torment and they pride themselves on showcasing contemporary art by artists from across Australia (& the Pen) from three gallery spaces in Sorrento, Mornington and Mt Eliza.

Manyung Gallery Group offers collectors an opportunity to comfortably view an ever-changing selection of Australian artworks. Private art viewing suites in both Sorrento and Mornington are also available and provide the opportunity to quietly make decisions and enjoy artworks in a comfortable and creative environment. Working together with the current shift in commercial galleries, all Manyung Galleries provide an uplifting and engaging experience. Manyung Art is amazing, it’s why we love to pop in to a Manyung Gallery whenever we can, and we recommend you try it too.




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