Devilbend Reserve is a haven for both waterbirds and nature enthusiasts, encompassing 422 hectares of native vegetation and nearly 250 hectares of water surface. Its carefully curated trail system offers something for everyone, with all-ability access to the shoreline, viewing/fishing platforms, and boardwalks. However, pets are not permitted, ensuring the undisturbed tranquility of the reserve’s natural habitat.

The main walks, such as the Western Shoreline Track and the Daangean Point Track, provide opportunities to immerse oneself in the beauty of the reserve. Whether descending along compacted surfaces with panoramic reservoir views or traversing through lowland forests for expansive vistas, visitors can witness the diverse ecosystem and observe waterbirds in their element. For those craving a more extensive adventure, the Devilbend Circuit Track offers an 11.5km journey around the reservoir, with additional extensions available for further exploration. With ample parking and facilities at the Devilbend carpark, visitors can embark on an enriching outdoor experience in this idyllic natural setting.

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