Not a day goes by on the Mornington Peninsula where I fail to be inspired. The area is so rich in creativity and ‘Christmas at the Studio‘ is one of those special times when this talent is showcased.

The Studio doors open for this once-yearly event

What makes Christmas at the Studio so unique and special, aside from it being a once yearly event, is the inspirational artists, the beautiful natural setting, the smiling, relaxed faces and the work on display.

Leisa Wharington’s indulgent glass chandeliers

At this annual event, you will see the works of Glassblower Leisa Wharington, Jeweller Flick Pope and Painter Julie Niekamp with lots of other talented designers offering their crafts outside. I spotted ceramics from Sandi Faulkner, Jewellery works by EMGEE, some beautiful pieces from Marnie at Luellageorge Pritty Things!

View from the country studio

My kids were fascinated by Squiggly Rainbow’s garden terrariums. Not only were the art and craft wares original and beautiful but the coffee and fine food on offer was fantastic as well.

It was the perfect day to spend with my Mum and my children in the bush and it was so relaxing. Not to mention – I got most of my Christmas shopping done all at once whilst supporting local artisans!

Leisa’s unique range of hanging vases!

Yknot! A beautiful range of girls summer dresses.

Check out these very funky necklaces…

Christmas at the Studio – an institution for many Peninsula locals!


Set amongst the trees, a beautiful backdrop for such a creatively inspired market.

Home-made lemon cordial?

Love.war.religion – handcrafts one off jewellery pieces created from vintage objects.

Artist Sarah Dingwall


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