Something unique happened the other night in Red Hill South. We stumbled upon a dining pop-up that, apart from having incredibly delicious food, blew us away because it was so humble, imaginative, and authentic. It reminded us of days when things were a lot simpler, yet the food was far from that; it has such a sophistication, where the flavours of each meal took you on a journey far away.

Welcome to Biji Dining, the husband-and-wife team of Harry Mangat and Sandy Soerjadhi. Think of these guys as two adventurous, humble, and trailblazing spirits with a back end of mixing it with some of the best establishments and people in the business. Raymond Capaldi, Peter Gunn, Blayne Bertoncello, Rosheen Kaul, and Ross Magnaye, not to mention the time spent in Attica.

After Harry met front of house loving Sandy, their passion for travel and the great outdoors saw them journey the world together. Their latest projects sent them to work in some of Australia’s most beautiful and rugged regions including Finders Island and the magical Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland. Each place exposing them to colourful flora and fauna, different cooking techniques and rich cultural influences. Combined with his creative ability in using spices, Harry continues to beautifully marry Indian flavours to local, regional, and native Australian ingredients.

You can see and taste these influences, but where the narrative goes up a gear is how their continued travel and the origins of food have influenced the couple. Their focus from the end product to their food origin and genuine care about their environment and how this impacts the food on our plates adds to the aura.

Biji pays homage to Harry’s grandma and her natural talent in the kitchen, relentlessly and ever-lovingly cooking for her generational household. From his Indian roots, their food takes its inspiration.


They started Biji Dining in 2016 as their “little project”, a fun, creative avenue for exploring new ideas and curiosity. Over the years, it has allowed them to travel, meet, cook, and collaborate with some of the most talented chefs, farmers, winemakers, fishers, and growers.

Their pop-up – currently tucked into the rear of The Red Hill Cafe & Wine Bar in Red Hill South Village explore India’s bold flavours while blending local Australian ingredients. There is a roaring fire and an exquisite yet stylish, cosy ambience. The only catch is that it’s a small space; bookings are essential, they are open Thursday through Sunday for dinner only from 5pm onwards, and they will close the pop-up on the 18 June.

After that, they are on their next adventure to harness their knowledge and fulfil their sense of adventure through France, Georgia, Belgium, Greece, and Türkiye. If you’re lucky to taste the fruits of their labour, you’re one of the lucky few.

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