Walking into Benton’s Road Veterinary Clinic, you immediately feel at ease, and that is exactly the feeling that Dr Kelly Halls and her team have worked very hard to create.  They want both the humans and the animals that visit the clinic to feel comfortable, and for it to be a stress-free experience for all creatures, great and small.

The waiting area is quite unlike any other Vet clinic, with a separate section for cats and dogs. There are also separate consultation rooms for cats and dogs, with pheromone spray diffusers to reduce anxiety so that the cats and dogs are as stress-free as possible when the time comes for their health check. Only two years old, Bentons Rd Vet is paving a new path for domestic animal care. Kelly has been a practising Vet for over 15 years and has continued her studies with a professional interest in behaviour, nutrition, dermatology and emergency medicine.  The clinic’s approach is to really focus on preventative medicine, keeping all animals as well as possible to try and prevent the onset of those chronic diseases that are difficult to cure. There is so much illness, pain and suffering that can be avoided with the right care. Nutrition is one of Kelly’s big passions, as well as reducing vaccinations and parasite medications.  They are against the usual protocol care, because they believe that blanket protocols don’t work for all animals. The local community is the prime focus for Bentons Road Vet, but gradually people are travelling from all over the metro area to visit the clinic because of its unique methods of preventative care.

136 Bentons Road, Mount Martha
p 03 5976 4629
visit: bentonsroadvet.com.au 

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