Nestled in the verdant heart of Red Hill South, Victoria, Avani Winery stands as a beacon of minimal intervention winemaking, a testament to the profound connection between land and wine. The name Avani, meaning ‘the earth’ in Sanskrit, beautifully encapsulates the ethos of this boutique winery, passionately guided by the Singh family.

For over three decades, the Singh family, led by Shashi and Devendra and now joined by their adult children, Retu and Rohit, have been stalwarts in the Mornington Peninsula’s hospitality and viticulture scene. Their shared vision for Avani Winery, established with its inaugural vintage in 2009, has been to create wines that are not only premium in their cool-climate expression but also true narrators of their terroir and season. In other words, their wine is a reflection of the local climate and the specific season in which the grapes were grown, capturing the essence of the vineyard in every bottle.

At Avani, every bottle is a journey through the landscape – from the vine to the glass. The family’s commitment to minimal intervention techniques – indigenous yeast ferments, no fining or filtration, and minimal sulphur usage – ensures that each wine is an authentic representation of its origin. This approach has not only garnered acclaim but has also echoed the Singh family’s respect for nature’s rhythm and balance.

Beyond crafting exquisite wines, the Singh family has pioneered in bringing to life unique culinary experiences. Their pop-up restaurant series, a trendsetter since 2014, showcases the artistry of Australia’s most innovative chefs, harmoniously paired with Avani’s distinct wines. These events, much like their wines, reflect the family’s dedication to excellence and their role as curators of memorable experiences.

Avani Winery, under the aegis of the Singh family, continues to be a symbol of innovation and quality. It’s a place where the earth speaks through each vine, and where each vintage is a celebration of the family’s journey with the land they deeply cherish.

The last 10 years at Avani have seen some of the most talented chefs pop up at Avani Winery in Red Hill South. This is a real coup for the region and include –

Pop Up timeline:


  • Gerturde St Enoteca


  • Tulsi Restaurant
  • Biji Dining
  • Nagesh (now Head Chef and owner of Manze)


  • Devendra Singh (Tulsi) and Deepak Mishra (Director of Food & Beverage – Pan Pacific Hotels)
  • Biji Dining


  • Mischa Tropp (recently opened first restaurant – Toddy Shop)
  • Biji Dining
  • Simone Watts (Barragunda)
  • John Rivera (ex Head Chef Lume & now owner of Kariton Sorbets)
  • Dalchini (Ved Navghare – ex Tonka Head Chef)
  • Enter via Laundry (Helly Raichura)


  • Poodle Bar & Bistro (Winter Pop-Up)
  • Biji Dining
  • Mischa Tropp
  • Rosheen Kaul (Head Chef, Etta)
  • Dennis Yong (Furmein / Parcs)
  • Thi Le (Head Chef, Anchovy)
  • Tom Sarafian
  • Peter Gunn (Owner & Head Chef, Ides)
  • Jackary Furst (Bar Liberty)
  • Ross Magnaye (Owner and Head Chef, Serai)
  • Simone Watts (Barragunda)
  • Charlie Carrington (Atlas Dining)
  • Cam Tay-Yap (Amaru)
  • Ellie and Jack (Hope St Radio)


  • Zac Tinsley (ex-Head Chef, Congress Wine Bar)
  • Freyja Melbourne (Head Chef, Jae Bang)


Wine Tasting & Cellar Door:
p: 0435 009 381
i: @avaniwines

Address: 98 Stanleys Road, Red Hill South, VIC, 3937

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