Welcome to autumn on the Mornington Peninsula, where the air is crisp, the colors are vibrant, and adventure awaits around every corner. Dive into the heart of vintage season at one of our 50-plus cellar doors, where winemakers are busy crafting cool-climate wines amidst a backdrop of orange-hued vineyard leaves.

Embarking on an autumn adventure through the Mornington Peninsula promises a sensory delight like no other. As you wander among the 50-plus cellar doors, you’re not just tasting wine; you’re immersing yourself in the very essence of vintage. The air is alive with the anticipation of harvest, the earthy aroma of ripened grapes mingling with the crisp breeze. And as you raise your camera to capture nature’s masterpiece, you realize that this isn’t just a seasonal journey—it’s a love affair with autumn that rivals even the locals’ devotion.

Love the Pen

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