For over 10 years, we have done all we could to bring you the most authentic and heartfelt experiences on the Pen. We have actively encouraged you all to join in the journey. We will continue to do this, but our focus and messaging will shift – we will be a little more vulnerable, more human if that’s possible and we will persevere to navigate these bizarre circumstances.

Our region depends on the many small to medium businesses that service the tourism and hospitality sector. These businesses are the predominant driver for all other services and industries as well. As more and more shutdowns occur, it is becoming evident that many aspects to life as we know it will be out of our control.

What is in our control, is the decisions we make – as small as they may seem. We ask that you consider a local supplier first, whether it’s food for the pantry and fridge or take-home meals, wine and beer or other.  Multinational brands make it easy but there are many local independent business owners that could  do with your support or until they can’t no more and due to circumstances.

Diversity can build and reveal character, and if we think of each other as thousands of rubber bands as opposed to one, we will overcome this challenging period and come out the other side with renewed hope and dreams. To all of our beautiful community, do not let your spirits wane.


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