Eliane Smith has created one of Australia’s most stunning coastal gardens overlooking Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay. Earimil Gardens is made up of a series of meandering paths, that lead to quirky sculptures, trickling waterfalls, lush lawns, thousands of plants and all coupled to magnificent sea views on the cliffs of Mt Eliza. Visited by thousands of people each year, Elaine has managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Earimil Gardens is a case of love your work and work your love for Elaine and as residents of the Pen we are all the richer for their devotion and love which equates to an incredible garden experience. We would like to thank Elaine for our moment in the sun – the following pictures only tell a part of the story but they paint a thousand words nonetheless. May all ye green fingers enjoy!


Stairway to heaven? One of many.


One of the many meandering pathways leading this time to the tennis court.


We’ll have tea, at high noon, next to the court next time thank you.


We lost count on the number of sculptures but they all add to the story, in their own way – we loved them.


One of the many views


Is that a giant poodles leg?


In amongst the gardens there are carefully placed seats or benches allowing you a moment or two to rest and to admire the hard work and careful planning Elaine undertaken over the years to develop the garden.


A surprise around each corner.


Greek Goddess? Did we make it to Olympia? Pretty close.


Way too cute…


One of those surreal moments – the eagle statute with an airforce jet plane behind it. What are the chances?


The grand birdhouse – really the whole experience was grand and worthy of the admission.


Q. What do you call a sheep with no legs? A. A cloud.

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  1. Anne Wilson

    This is magnificent do the owners ever have days for the public to wander through I would love to I am an elderly woman but it looks an easy walk through if you can sit and rest occasionally .thank you for sharing this lovely place!

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