Lindenderry at Red Hill
142 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill VIC 3937

If we had a world of our own, everything would be like the grounds of Lindenderry Hotel in Red Hill in summertime. Nothing would be any different, and we would be immersing ourselves with friends amongst a classic English garden – so grand that it could easily define a tale or two of a magical and mystical wonderland.

What we love about Lindenderry this time of year is its symmetrical gravel walkways with carefully planted short hedges that lead to the many, park-like open lawn spaces that form what we call ‘natural outdoor rooms’. It’s these open spaces that offer respite from the heat, from the hub-bub of city life and provide the opportunity to frolic, play games, or enjoy a picnic. When you finish playing you can cool down around the beautiful pool. Lindenderry has it all; above and beyond everything else it offers a luxurious space, where you can just be, without a worry in the world to care about cause it’s being done for you in a traditional way with service at it’s core. Fuelling this direction is a team with an incredibly impressive food & beverage background and their winery which, recently received another 5 stars from James Halliday.

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