NordicSpace Design is run by Jessica Enander Dunne – an interior designer of the highest calibre with over 12 years of experience working for leading architecture and furniture companies.

The aesthetic principals of Jessica’s Swedish background influence the NordicSpace style, hinting of a neutral, textured and effortless style perfect for Peninsula living, whether it’s by coast or hinterland. Jessica’s ideas are centred around considered designs that create calm, timeless spaces and homes that will not date.

When building or renovating there are so many decisions to be made which is often overwhelming and this is where Jessica’s experience comes in. Whilst some might believe that interior designers are costly, Jessica’s expertise will ensure you are making the right choices for the desired look and feel of your home – a small price to pay in the bigger scheme of things. Jessica will show you how to create cohesive spaces – a space that can look amazing in its own right, as well as a coherent overall look for your home. In addition to designing the built elements of a house, Jessica can bring life and personality into your home by helping to carefully select furniture, lighting and artwork with you. 

NordicSpace’s interiors are never about following trends, but about creating spaces for comfortable and inspired living. Building from scratch or renovating is expensive and you want to make sure you get it right the first time, so you can enjoy your home over many years. With NordicSpace Design you will ensure that honest materials, resolved functionality and beautiful details will be integrated into your home leaving you with a balanced “visual flow” throughout every space.

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